Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dream big, work it out from there.

"Dream big, work it out from there."

This lovely creature came to me amongst a whole list of bloggers who I found in a google search of 'Top blogs of 2011 New Zealand'
So I'm incredibly stoked to come across this wonderfully lovely kiwi Amanda.
She's a whole new batch of inspiration for my world. 
Do enjoy.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

To do New.

I have now started my first job. It's strange getting used to this new lifestyle. New city. New people. New a lot of things really. However I'm slowly beginning to adore the newness and strangeness of every unfamiliarity I come across. I think that is why I so much wanted to be a part of the industry I am now in the home of- marketing that is; the home of imaging and creating. I fall so in love with campaigns and ads. Making things into something wonderful. They take things that are initially solely a commodity or a company...and turn it into wonderful entertainment that inspires and entertains. I think a lot of the time we assume that only certain things have potential to inspire or entertain, but really I think we'll find, if we take the time to see things without objective eyes... everything has potential for creation. Even the kiwi sceptics... 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loveliness in a Hello.

 The very first blog I started following and adoring was this one above '1001 ways to be more Lovely'. An Australian lovely named Steph began a mission to find 1001 ways to be more lovely and decided to document its wonderfulness in a blog.

 So, you can imagine my absolute delight when I saw an email in my inbox from this wonderful creature asking if she could interview! I of course said yes. She also interviewed a few other wicked ladies (find them below) who she thought brought loveliness into the world. You can find the post by clicking the 'Hello' below :)

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