Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moustaches, Milk, Cookies, Whittakers & whiskers.

What is more brilliant than a Milk & Cookies bar opening on Queen St.
A Milk & Cookies bar named

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting the owner and creator of this lovely wee shop in the middle of the most busy street in Auckland. This milk & cookie bar with three stools, is tucked in between chain stores and taxi stands. 

A little Stuart Littleesque.

It's a little room full of heaven and whittakers chocolate.

Also, what is so super lovely, is that it is the owners birthday this Wednesday. And she has asked for all her new customers to be so kind (although I think she is the super kind one) to donate a can for the wee cats that aren't so lucky. And in return, you get a cookie. I'm not usually a big cat fan...but when there's a cookie involved...and a good cause 'n all that...!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A nightmareesque dream.

Isn't this girl a fabulous nightmare-esque dream?
I'm completely in love with her sultry goth look.
Putting pink lips and a scrunchie with such killer goth shoes and a dreamful dreary skirt is an odd sort of heaven to me. 
And I thought nowhere could please me more than the streets of Wellington for this sort of look...suffice to say, this girl says a lot for Auckland.

Check out Four Eyes here featuring on TVone for their Fashion Week coverage.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The 4 I do's.

I've been thinking so much about where I want to be in a few years and what I truly want to be surrounded by in a work place.
I'm sticking to my editorial dreams whether that be a blogger for Etsy, an editor for House & Garden or an art director for Frankie.
But I also feel like I'm getting more on track with my everyday.
Since moving to Auckland it's taken me a while to get back here. 
But here I am, back and inspired by...everything.

I am surrounded by awesome people here in Auckland that keep telling me their dreams and goals-all work related ones. And I can't stop being inspired. I LOVE IT. But at the same time, horrific stuff keeps happening that also makes me think more and more about the everyday and how much I want to love every bit of it.

So yes, the 4 goals; to dream, to enjoy, to meet & to do.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Models off-duty.

Have you been utterly surrounded by Fashion Week? If so, are you ardently in love with it? 

I simply love models. They're people I call creatures-in a fabulous good sort of way.

Fashion blogger Katherine who is attending a heap of fashion frenzy this week is capturing and writing about all the best kids and shows of the Fashion Week.
I direct you to her because she is the best aka awesome dot com.

(if you haven't checked her out before, I advise it- my favourite NZ fashion blogger). 

Spotted: After the Company of Strangers show at the Sunday Star Times Star bar.
Tess from agency Clyne.
What’s something a model should never come to fashion week without?: Comfy shoes, iPod, Water – actually, no, Coffee!

Holly Rose, from agency Red 11

Caitlan Mitchell- not a model, but a fabulous creature all the same.
Why are you here?: I’m working for Michael Ng, the photographer. That and Apparel magazine.
What’s the best thing you’ve seen today?: The Cybele show, I’ve loved being backstage too. 
What’s the worst thing you’ve seen today?: Two girls almost tripped because their shoelaces weren’t tied properly. They were stumbling all over the place. Don’t worry – I took photos of it all.