Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Models off-duty.

Have you been utterly surrounded by Fashion Week? If so, are you ardently in love with it? 

I simply love models. They're people I call creatures-in a fabulous good sort of way.

Fashion blogger Katherine who is attending a heap of fashion frenzy this week is capturing and writing about all the best kids and shows of the Fashion Week.
I direct you to her because she is the best aka awesome dot com.

(if you haven't checked her out before, I advise it- my favourite NZ fashion blogger). 

Spotted: After the Company of Strangers show at the Sunday Star Times Star bar.
Tess from agency Clyne.
What’s something a model should never come to fashion week without?: Comfy shoes, iPod, Water – actually, no, Coffee!

Holly Rose, from agency Red 11

Caitlan Mitchell- not a model, but a fabulous creature all the same.
Why are you here?: I’m working for Michael Ng, the photographer. That and Apparel magazine.
What’s the best thing you’ve seen today?: The Cybele show, I’ve loved being backstage too. 
What’s the worst thing you’ve seen today?: Two girls almost tripped because their shoelaces weren’t tied properly. They were stumbling all over the place. Don’t worry – I took photos of it all.