Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make It Count.

...I do love a good dose of inspiration mid week. 
I simply cannot wait to go travelling and document it all. 

I was asked by a friend to help with a little project today, it involved trying to think of the small things that happen that just make your day. 

Whilst scratchies were high on my list, we all concluded that it really is people that make the most difference to your day.

 A smiling stranger, a person who stands aside to let you pass, a shared joke with someone you're in line with, a thank you, a hi, a nod from a driver letting you pass and my favourite- sharing a laugh. I know these (particularly the last) sound ridiculously cheesy but they are absolutely true. 

Watching this 10 day road trip just made me think of those small things. 
Those things that when you're  surrounded by, make life just so darn lovely.