Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let it begin, again.

 Hello 2015.

It's been a while, but I'm back. I tend not to do the whole NY resolution thing, but I think this year I need a few wee gems to help me make the most of 2015- and what better one to have than... pick up my blogging again.

I haven't posted since I started my current job in May 2014. Which is odd, because I'm much more excited and challenged by this job than the last. However there's something in me that hasn't been too...inspired. Has it got something to do with the ads popping up on my Facebook telling me 'Things every 20 something must to do to make the most of life'? Whilst my immediate reaction to these ads is to roll my eyes, I'm not gunna lie, I have been clicking in to all the blogs with titles along the lines of 'The best way to make the most of 2015'.

24. 25 in a few months. I want this year to be great. Here's a few things that have put it off to a good start.