Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't forget.

1. The Wonderful feeling, particularly when it's a boy.

2. Be a girl lost in the moment

3. Sleep outside

4. Intergenerate

5. Have too many crushes

6. ROFL for real.

7. Love the "unsalty mainstream music"

8. Fall...And then claim it.

9. Smile in the middle of a kiss

10. Make a wish when you blow a fairy away

11. Send mail.

12. Help someone find their way.

13. Empty a whole packet of maltesers onto your open book in class. And then eat them in front of everyone. 

14. Let Disney be your Bible. Let Walt be your Jesus.

15. Have long showers.

16. Re-Hi-5 if you miss.

17. Eat. A lot.

18. Admit to an obsession with all things to do with Harry Potter.

19. Say thank you for small things. 
(Do it, tilt it back)
20. See the smallest things.