Friday, March 25, 2011

Issue your Life with T-Squat.

 "Much like my room is nothing like Pride Rock, Melbourne is nothing like a box of chocolates - but it's exactly like a awesome city full of really motivated, talented creatives who can see the value in collaboration and are happy to sacrifice a single spotlight to help others and grow collectively."- James Watkins

I was very excited to be contacted by T-Squat to say the least. A Melbourne based limewire of writers, artists, photographers, poets and musicians full of talent from this place called the world. 

This here is James Watkins, who is one of our own, a kiwi creative who literally lives in their warehouse headquaters. I purely like him for his interuption of an interview with Dancing Heals in reference to txting after a date; 

Dan: Yeah it's a tough one, you gotta act cool.

James: Nah fuck it. I need a shower (wanders off)

Josh: Shower? What? Does he live here?

Matt: Yeah he lives up there (I point to a loft room attached to the top corner of our warehouse)

Dan/Josh: No way! That is so wicked.

I have no expectations dot com

Dancing Heals                                                 Love her outfits...

So with all dedication to the squatters at T-Squat who make artistic exposure a world of its own, I encourage you to make each of their issues a part of your life. 

Click on any of the pictures to find their links.