Sunday, May 11, 2014

Build the Perfect Account Service intern.

Is it slightly wrong that the idea of building a mini lego version of yourself is, in my mind, completely awesome. 

Surely not, given Lego has slowly trended in to the world of nerster- that's my word for 'nerdy hipster'.
 see Larry the Barista for further reference*  

                            *Larry the Barista 

Anywho, this post is intended to highlight the awesomeness that is, Ms Bowman. 

Her sweet sweet resume effort scored her an internship at  Omnicom's EnergyBBDO

The once was 'that LEGO intern girl' has now turned official in the  BBDO Account Management team.

This is, according to me, an example of complete and genuine motivation with a dose of awesomeness, which one should endeavour to always contain.