Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Find the Velvet Dress.

Once upon a time/this Saturday been, Jane went to a wonderful 21st.

At the party, she notices a girl wearing an amazing deep blue velvet dress. It was truly amazing. 

Alas, with an admiring glance into this girl's wonderful disposition, Jane forgets the face, never finds the name and instead remembers her as 'The Girl in The Velvet Dress'...

 Today at uni however... whilst waiting outside her  tutorial room, a lovely girl with a wonderful style sits next to Jane. She introduces herself.
With polite introductions over and new acquaintance bonding success, she says to Jane,
"Did you by any chance go to Vicky's party in the weekend"
and with those words, Jane took a second glance...

"you're the girl with the velvet dress"...

The End.