Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moustaches, Milk, Cookies, Whittakers & whiskers.

What is more brilliant than a Milk & Cookies bar opening on Queen St.
A Milk & Cookies bar named

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting the owner and creator of this lovely wee shop in the middle of the most busy street in Auckland. This milk & cookie bar with three stools, is tucked in between chain stores and taxi stands. 

A little Stuart Littleesque.

It's a little room full of heaven and whittakers chocolate.

Also, what is so super lovely, is that it is the owners birthday this Wednesday. And she has asked for all her new customers to be so kind (although I think she is the super kind one) to donate a can for the wee cats that aren't so lucky. And in return, you get a cookie. I'm not usually a big cat fan...but when there's a cookie involved...and a good cause 'n all that...!