Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Advice or A single red chair.

I'm pretty sure you only live once. And that means you have to live awesomely.
I've always lived awesomely. Legit. I always have.

I'm pretty sure I'm naturally gifted to see the awesome in the shit (or maybe I'm just a Gen Y yuppie-whatever). 

Since moving to hipster cities, dating the odd indie boy and watching crafted artists at work, I have come to realise that these things I see the awesome in really are in actual fact genuinely shit a lot of the time.

 And when I realised that this shit can make me happy, I realised that I was unstoppable in life.

I was destined to enjoy every part of it.

I'm 23, and lately, as may or may not be obvious through my recent posts, I've been confused why new found shit isn't leading me to aweseomeness. 

For an answer to this you can either:

 Read this advice

or for an equally fulfilling but morally opposite answer a single red chair.