Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Study late- with you're pals.

Its 12.23am. Just timed myself for my 30minute presentation I have to do on Friday. I've got 27mins still to go. That's what ya get when you study with ya pals; drive out to  Brooklyn hill just to get each of your favorite burgers, share a whole bag of cornchips, a box of shapes, pik'n'mix lollies, frozen moro golds, diet coke, coffee-then tea, talk about the difference between jedis and unagi, try to do unagi, talk about what more food we could eat, contemplate going to the dairy before it hits midnight, talk about unagi again, laugh at how much our assignments are not making sense, youtube unagi, then finally get to a point where you have reason to love studying through the night. Over tiredness. Pals.

Totally worth it.