Monday, December 20, 2010

Look for Corny.

I understand that films aren't real. They're not reality. I know this. Truly, I do. But whoever wrote them is real. And the person who directed them are real. So I choose to believe in movies. 
Oh, yes, they fucking do. 

It's Christmas time. And thus far I have watched Bridget Jones and The Holiday. 

I easily believe in them. 

I believe in the blue ribbon tieing up Sophie's hair. 

I believe in the cut out stars hanging inside the dream of a tent. 

 I believe in liking someone-just as they are. 

And until a Christmas Eve comes, or a New Years Dawn, with a real life plot resembling something similar to that which involves a Miles, a Grahame or a Mr Darcy, I will continue playing Christmas movies, to be the leading lady in my film and continuously look for corny in my life.