Friday, December 17, 2010

Make a choice and let others make theirs.

I've been doing this paper in Summer school which is close to an analogy of ones self. 

There is nothing more natural than being ones self. Obviously. But to be that person, is ironically a mission through and through. 

To analyse is easy. 
To be; is a whole other story. 

To be with one that is them selves, or an other half of you, is just as much of a mission- as it is to be you. There are many people that come into your life that make you surpass even the idea which is in your head of adrenaline, lust, love...but for them to really fit is... well...  actually............ easy.

 But for them to be right, well....only time will tell. 

We can't be the judge. Sadly. 
To distinguish isn't our job. 
A normal, sane self won't let us be the right judge. 
But the most wonderful part of life is being part of these judgments of time. 

So don't worry too much about those that come into your life that don't succumb to your world.  It's only their choice, in their world, and they'll find what they're looking for, as will you. If you want to. You will. 
Enjoy what it is, while it is.