Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Honestly Courtney.

I've just discovered someone a tad-a lot inspiring. I love it enough as it is when I find out that a blogger I love is a kiwi, but now to find a person who I see everyday with a wonderfully lovely documentation of all things herself is just delightful. 

I also have one friend who I admire similiarily because she is so delightfully honest about her life-the shitty parts and the lovely parts. 

It's wickedly easy (and i mean that in the evil sense) to get caught up with a chosen image of yourself (facebook being a massive culprit), so it's so refreshing to hear and read about people who play life as it is, not a game, just as it is. 

If you are understanding what I mean in this post in any way, visit these two Courtneys.

The first is my very own best friend who has an honest broken heart  and the later is the one who I started this post off about with.