Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I adore this guy and this video.
Winner of the Experimental category of the Vimeo awards for this short film Oops. It's a 10 min video of other peoples videos of people dropping their cameras. 
Chris is fascinated with unseen videos, people recording one day moments of everyday lives. 
The massive amount of throw away videos is endlessly captivating and he gets a unique thrill in clicking on a video with 15 views and a weird thumbnail.  
 Oops is about contextualising those genuine and real glimpses of life.

 It's also funny when people drop their cameras. 

Everyone would agree that now is a great time to be someone who makes things-a film maker especially, with the internet and its abundance of info and help online and venue for work to be seen and technology being very accessible, it should be a great motivator for people to try things, explore ideas that may or may not work out, do things that aren't directly related to the way things are meant to be done.-Chris