Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Street Styling You.

Over the weekend I discovered the street style bloggers of my new city. 

It seems to be a loud secret that every city has their own blog with self chosen local style ambassadors that go out and about looking for fahionistas in their natural habitat, that habitat being reality. 

I love it. 
Seeing the people captured on the street just makes their style so much more alive.

I met these two Auckland street bloggers Alex & Mino (the two on the right) in the weekend and after they passed me their 'business card', I looked them up and to my inspiration and eyes delight, found their street blog Four Eyes

You can meet them yourselves here on this interview they had on the good morning show.

Since leaving Wellington, Street Style Journal has been created. 
I love following their posts which are almost all taken on Cuba St.
It oddly enough makes me miss Wellington less by being allowed to see little bits of my favourite city and it's creatures being captured in their lovely grungeness.

They all just make me want to dress up every day.