Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Sutherland to Austen.

The thing I think I most like about Ad man Rory Sutherland, is that when reading his words, topics more often than not begin with a sentence much similar to what Austen would have begun a novel with; "it is a truth universally acknowledged...that the President of the USA can not buy a better coke than a bum on the street".

I once read that ideas should start in the large and can then be applied to the small. Sutherland does this, with every point he makes, my eyes start feeling a de ja vu of that word "universally". It's a good thing.  It makes every point he makes align with All, as well as Austen.

This parallel made allows me to utterly career-adore this man away from the, may I say 'generic ad love' which comes quite naturally form the inspiring Sutherland.

Both reading Rory's words and listening to his perfectly paused ted talks, give me the same intellectual comfort that I get from reading Austen.

I hope to some day meet this man. And perhaps find out his opinion on Austen, and whether he thinks Caroline Bingley would share a coke with Elizabeth Bennet.