Sunday, May 12, 2013

A theory for Want.

This weekend I had a well overdue catch up with a friend who, whilst telling me about her regretful drunken antics (of which I continuously tell her to claim) also told me about a new revelation she has had in terms of life goals. 

Whilst neither her or I are ones to sit down and write a life plan with coordinated colored sharpies, we are however, ones to discuss (pointless or not) life and particularly our career dreams.

She has a theory. One that theorizes the success of wants. 
A want cannot be achieved if you do not state you want this want. Both of us have got to where we are by wanting things, doing what we have to do get that want, and then getting there. But what if you were to never state that want. If you say, put it into a category of unrealistic or not likely, then naturally of course that want would never eventuate to anything. 

But what if you wanted everything you wanted to want. The likelihood of achieving at least half of those wants is high. Merely because you put it out there and said you want it. 

Ergo, write a list. A list of wants. Of anything, however realistic or likely. Surely wanting so much can only eventuate to success. Even if it's for only one of those wants. Better than none. And better than only achieving those obvious goals like a promotion at work. There are so many better wants out there. 

  1. Have a blog go viral
  2. Feature in a film on the big screen
  3. Read a new book every month
  4. Go to a new country every year.
  5. Create my own magazine
  6. Become the youngest Managing Director in New Zealand
  7. Paint my front door red
  8. Live by myself
  9. Own a VW
  10. Have a coffee with Claudia Batten
  11. Work on a Bruton Stroube Studio set
  12. Get my full license
  13. Go to Bali with my best friends
  14. Meet George Lois
  15. Walk through Vietnam
  16. Publish a book
  17. Be awarded in the Companion of the Order of New Zealand (CNZM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to Arts Governance and Philanthropy (just to be sepcific...) 
  18. Make a childrens clothing line
  19. Make a childrens book
  20. Win over $20 from a scratchie
  21. Open my own cafe
  22. Use a briefcase
  23. Have an interview with Rory Sutherland
  24. See every film from the 2013 NZ International Film Festival
  25. To be continued...