Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Does Vietnam

Upon the first few days of my Taupo Easter getaway, em gái tôi (that is 'my sister' in Vietnamese)

 who is visiting from abroad, brings out from her suitcase a dvd for our evening entertainment.

Whilst my love for vietnamese history began when I first watched Robyn Malcom in Intrepid Journey during my  2006 high school history class, this man Ahn Do inspired a different part of me through his comedic doco of Vietnam. 

Ahn Do &  his family fled Vietnam during the Vietnamese war to Australia on one small ship which they were attacked twice by pirates on and went without food & water for days.

However, they made it to Australia and the fugitive became the happiest man alive, I'm convinced. Just watch this dvd and you'll see. 

Ahn Do is an Australia comedian and it is only natural that with his past, he also has the most wide heart and the most beating smile.

It is with his story that he made me excited about life. Life, which there is so much more to see. I have these feelings all the time. Feelings that encourage positively generic dreaming, aspirational youthful career plans and all the stuff that non intentionally creates award winning TVCs. 

Drew Barrymore

That's what led me to the Ad world. An absolutely genuine convincing of what someone can do to something to make it extraordinary, and some.

 But somehow, and I can't pinpoint the exact reason- or even whether it is worth being pensive over, somehow it seems like these times of extreme dreams and winning plans are becoming more sporadic. 

That's not to say that the dreams and plans are any less awesome, if anything they're more realistic which is wonderfully exciting. But it does bother me that the occurrence of such animated mind explosions are less often. No matter how big the emotional orgasm, I wonder if I should be mourning the feeling-or more accurately the lack of it. 

Or should I merely be taking this as the perfect time to be using these now seemingly sporadic dreams to actually create said dreams...

grace kelly