Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That, I will drink to.

Please tell me that 1) you are not a pretentious intellectual that doesn't understand why people watch t.v; 2) you are not a condescending elder who can't find the time to watch t.v and 3) you indulge in the absolute pleasure of watching TV One on Tuesday nights at 8:30.

Kevin and Jamie. New Zealand. First Crossings.

Do you ever come across those moments where you realise your surroundings aren't living up to your inspirations. 

I know we can't expect every moment of the day to be that of Jaime and Kevin's surrounding, but I refuse to stick around in routine moments of dullness. There is too much brilliance in the world to get accustomed to being content with the null.

What frustrates me is when you realise the people who can make things happen, aren't making things happen. 

People say, if you want things to happen, make them happen. 
But it just seems, in my day-to-day, my attempt in making things happen parallel too well to something like this...

I've decided not to rely on those who say they can make things happen. 
I'm going to forever and foremost make things happen myself. And one day I will make things happen for other people. 

That, I will drink to.