Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All the Auckland in the World.

It's so strange to think that time is catching up. I've been waiting for post uni life to start, and now it really is. But I vouch that no matter how old I get, if my parents can take ridiculously fun (verging on inappropriate) photos in a travelling photo booth then I cannot start complaining about lack of fun being a consequence of time. 
But I would like for a moment- just a moment, everything to freeze. 
Everything is just so perfectly fun at the moment.
 Not to say that life isn't fun when you get a big creature job and move to a large foreign city with a terrible transport system and a land that tries to claim itself better than the glory that is Wellington....
*pause for dramatic effect here*

However, after visiting this blog and watching this when thinking about making new friends...life does look wonderfully exciting. 

( you do not want to know how Dad made us laugh here...)