Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Arriving Amongst.

I just arrived home from Auckland. 
From an assessment day for a firm that in it's seemingly, casual coolness has an intensely intimidiating graduate programme...
 Amongst the thirty seven of us who made it to the assessment day, there was not one person who didn't deserve the position. 
I could not believe what wonderful creatures this firm had found and brought together for us all to meet in this- albeit quite daunting, environment. 
I don't think I've had so many interesting conversations and laughed with quite so many strangers in quite some time...

Everything you create, whether it exists as visual art, a passage of writing, or something different, becomes part of a dialogue as soon as someone else other than yourself sees it. This is absolutely unavoidable, and sometimes I think people don't really understand this, or maybe they don't want to or they struggle with the idea and fight against it.

Having an intelligent discussion (about art, life, or whatever) where two sides have opposing views can be very enlightening and interesting. If each party has the ability to weigh up the evidence provided to them, and change their point of view based on the evidence, then the world can be like some kind of giant cultural open source project where things slowly get better.