Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Potentially Irrational Man Rant.

I'm a girl. This is correct. As much as I hate the stereotype given to girls, I accept it because otherwise I would be a hypocrite given my approach to categorising every male in my life in to either one of the categories "Girl-Boy" or "Boy-Boy" (each with their own stereotyped characteristics and warning signs). But like I said, I do hate the stereotype. More so because I have little faith that most males will ever drop it  and actually see a girl as a normal creature not a scientific element; studied, experimented and labelled, rather than the actual irrational emotional connotation it brings onto the female sex at any sign of emotional release. But I suppose what the point of this post is...well a rant really, probably urged on by my friends blog This Is Why I Am Alone. I have been religiously following her posts about a boy she's been seeing. She got me thinking, and laughing-mostly laughing...but thinking about girls. We're all the same. We all think we're going through these irrational emotions alone but we're so far from being alone. I'd also like to point out that the word irrational is overused. Irrational would mean that thoughts are happening without real reason. But there's always reason whether it is of the male cause or the human nature cause. You're not being irrational. You're just good friends with your emotions. Which is unavoidable really. And normal. Guys exagerate this relationship thus the female stereotype which in turn enables a female like myself to create the male stereotype. With the accepting of all this stereotype bull shit, whenever I have a relationship "thought" I seem to say "fuck it". I've always liked this way of concluding my thoughts. But now... reading about the 180' my friend took with her stereotypical boy dilemea, it made me think perhaps there is a flaw in my "fuck it" motto. Is saying "fuck it" a defense mechanism? Yes. Is that a bad thing? I thought no, but now I'm thinking, if my friend had said "fuck it" instead of entertainingly ranting and questioning X's motives, she would have missed out on learning about X's unintentional stall in communication (her most recent post has brought X back into the situation, and as circumstances have it, he never actually left). So here's my dilema, should I stop saying "fuck it" and take things irrationally and romantically or should I continue my seemingly pessimistic "fuck it" motto and pass by those stereotypical dramas that could allow me to- as my friend posted "freaked out. I squealed. I hopped around the study room a little bit. It had been raining earlier on in the afternoon but when I looked outside the clouds were clearing and the sun was peeking out cheekily at me. It was the cheesiest, most cliched weather in the history of mankind and I wish my life were a TV show because ratings at that very instant would’ve soared through the roof.". 

I do like cheesy tv shows. 
Fuck it.
Or shouldn't I?

I haven't ranted like this in a long time.