Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thinking in Fantasia.

This short film made me think exactly what I've been thinking about lately. 
I thought...
How sad it will be to give up biking on the Wellington foreshore on saturday afternoons and every other day that the sun was more enticing than lectures.
 Auckland and biking is to me how New York and biking is to Nanna. 
So this short made me smile at my thoughts even though the actual thinking makes me sigh. 

Danish pop-electro songstress Nanna ├śland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, takes a dramatic turn as she cycles aimlessly about Copenhagen’s animated streets in director Matthew Donaldson’s short film. Though Oh Land has called Brooklyn, New York, home since early 2010, the Copenhagen native still pines for the Nordic mini-metropolis.

 “I miss being able to go everywhere on my bike. It’s so freeing and such a nice way to explore your city,” she says. “In New York it’s so dangerous, it’s not the same experience.”