Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Citizen of Optimism.

Michelle's word - Dream used in a quote, "You don't need to sleep to dream."

Citizens for Optimism is a collaboration among 17 up and coming designers who strive to use their unique styles to inspire happiness through design. 
On a mission to promote optimism New Yorkers were asked what words or feelings they associated with optimism. A long list was narrowed down to seventeen words and each designer got one word along with a simple brief, design a type dominant poster that promoted optimism. 
The outcome, nothing less than amazing work.

All lettering is hand drawn.

Leen's word - Sweet used in a quote, "This poster is sweet, lick it."

Devin's word - Sunny used in a quote, "Things will clear up."

Virgilio Tzaj -Everything will be Amazing

Min Choi's word - Happy used in a quote, "Please follow the arrows in order to fulfill happiness"

Virgillio's word - Magical used in a quote, "Life is Magical and so are you"

Rachel Willey's word -Love