Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today I'm 78 but tomorrow I will be 68!

It's not often that you can't wait to be old. But watching this, I think it may well be an adventure just waiting for you to join it.

It's bizarre to think how many 'new experiences' there are to come. I'm a 20 something and apparently claim to y'know...know it all!

It puts a certain adrenalin in me to think what my 'first flight' will be....

Much like my adrenalin for that, is my adrenalin for my latest news- a move in agencies!

I'm moving from my VERY FIRST job and will be, in four weeks, walking into a shiny new building with new pretty people and deadlines that are scarier than my current ones...*eekkk.

FCB, Vodafone... let us be as exciting an adventure as these ol' ladies had on their first flight.