Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cosmetic Brand Surgery.

Is it not the most wonderful thing when something that brings such cheap thrills as is, is given a dose of aesthetic brilliance.
Just 'cause.
Well in this case it's not actually just 'cause.
It's because New Zealand Lotteries is sane. Sane in the sense that they, perhaps with the delicious guidance of Wendy Rayner or craft of designer Brogen Averill, see the safety in a facelift and a rebrand.
It is becoming far too dull a conversation and I would go as far as to say even daft, when people speak of risk in a tone that suggests in avoidance of the new, they stay successfully adrift in their industry.

This is so obviously not the case.
It is now a time more than ever, to not get lost.

And anwyay , what is advertising if not to be seen. There is only so long you can now be noticed, no matter how brilliant the creative. Saturation of media is only too common. So cosmetically rebrand* away, bitches!
*with utter and utmost planning of course
In saying all of this, I have found some merit in my own venturesome thought of having an advertising museum.
 If Da Vinci can be remembered, adorned and have his work placed in gold frames, surely work of George Lois and the like deserve such recognition.

Advertising doesn't deserve to be forgotten.