Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What would your Bitch do.

If there was but one question to ask at all times, some completely sane people would say...

What would Britney do.

In my world, I think it shall be; 

What would Austen do.

There are far too many occasions when we can stay completely absorbed in our own heads, naturally. But to what gain does it do. Whilst I will be first to admit and in fact promote (again, naturally) that I am one in a generation who are self promoting, ambitious, nieve, confident and ridiculously over-eager, I adamantly believe there is no other way I would want to be.

It amuses and confuses me as to why people should choose to cater to anything other than the awesome. Working in an industry which is so passionately driven, I sometimes get lost in the founding that there is higher values dictating this said passions placement. 

When there is a passion, an idea, a direction and a team, how is that we as the team can stray so far away to a point of competete absurd disconnect. 

I shall now, forever and foremost (at least until there becomes a day-if ever, when I leave the ad world) question myself in such circumstances with the question...

What would Austen do.

For she would merely react and reply with the utmost wit whilst casually promoting 
self-righteousness, intelligence and guidance.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single agency in possession of passion must be in want of great people. (p. 1, Ch. 1, Vol. 1).